Comic 444 - Not Much
4th Feb 2014, 10:37 PM in Poison
Not Much
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Coming onto the end. A few pages of notes/sketches on the Hei/Carix, then some porn.
User comments:
Danger wasp
wait? so that'll be it? that'll be the end of space pulp? ;( I just got here and loved it all
View does something that is awesome...and painful. He writes complete stories that have endings.

Indeed, not enough people on the Internet do that.
Case in point:
Kain Yusanagi
I love it. Far too many stories drag themselves on for no other reason other than they don't want to stop the people coming back time after time, without even realizing that not ending it and moving on is what they need to do.

In other notes- slightly disappointed in this page, because it's a bit too sketchy. Took me a few re-reads to get who was who and what was going on. at least, I think I get who is who. Shark(?) looks remarkably boyish here. Not that I mind, though; she'd make a cute boy.