Comic 443 - Needy
3rd Feb 2014, 9:28 PM in Poison
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The voting on last page is still open for a while, so go make your preference known. Right now it's 16-14 in favor of Ayata, so a few votes could sway it.

What I really want to do next is make a video game. I have the technical know-how, but it's an extremely long endeavor, so I probably won't. Unlike a comic, posting daily progress on a video game isn't very compelling.

Failing that, I'm thinking about a story about people who learn to dive. IN THE FUTURE!
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Well, it's a small part in something not your own, but Fenoxo & crew need the odd piece of art for Trials in Tainted Space.
I really want to work on my own projects. The issue is how to do it while not vanishing off the face of the planet. :)
You could always livestream the art or progress of the videogame. That way you'd get feedback right away too. Just an idea
Well, in the case of a video game it's difficult to get proper feedback as you develop, because the audience can only see tiny fragments rather than the whole.

If I was going to do a video game with a frequent dev diary, I might create a framework where I can release tiny interactive tidbits. For example, I could release a new model with new animations, and the players could just run around some canned world for a bit.
Oh ? What sort of game ?
A simple sidescroller, or some 3d monster of a game ?
On a licenced engine, or selfprogrammed from the ground up ?
I already have licenses to several engines, so I'll pick one of them. It'd be 3D, because I'm better at modeling than pixel art.
I too am most curious about this. Do you code, View?
Oh ... I don't think I have ever seen any 3D art of yours, may we see a sample ? :)
I have posted some 3D art in the past. Starships from this series, and some ZBrush work from long ago on DA. I don't have any of it in front of me to show now.

And of course I code.
Well, we didn't know you can code, nor to what degree you're comfortable with coding. Frankly, unless it's something you do professionally as well, keeping the coding to a minimum may well be a good idea, as it can quickly eat up a lot of time.

And yeah, I seem to remember some simple mockups for starships (flying peeenises) some time ago.

I think the main issue with making a game, is that if you're doing it solo, all the little details can kinda overwhelm you unless you keep it small and short.

Just the sound effects can get the better of most solo-developers, if they have any ambition at all.

Offcourse, there's always the possibility of bringing some collegues/friends along for the ride.
It's all about priorities offcourse.
I'm really not worried about the technical difficulties of the game, I've gone through them before. But I'm only interested in creating something RPGish, which means a staggering amount of content.

If I didn't have a job, I'd have time to do comic and game at the some time. But if I have to choose, I'll probably choose a comic.
Gone trough them before, eh ?
You work in game development ?

RPG'ish ... hmmm ... have you considered random map generation ?
Basically, you make a "path" of handcrafted content where the main storyline happens, and then have the areas inbetween be filled out with content created from a randomized seed.
That would cut right down on the amount of content needed to be handmade.
It's not a problem of quantity, it's a problem of audience during production.
Normally, that would not be something you'd worry about until Beta testing time.

I reckon games are indeed somewhat different than Comics in that regard.
I remember when view posted that Renpy game during the run of NMTG.

I'm not sure if I got all endings in that one.
I did that in three days, so it wasn't exactly a gorgeous product.

I do modelling and texturing depending on the project, but I'm best at concept work 2D in general. I've dabbled in C# coding for Unity, built a game prototype or two, but I mainly dropped it a year or so ago when work started wearing me down. It's been hard enough to keep the art flowing. My hat's off to ya.
That's the problem with projects that last longer than a month: life and work get in the way.

But... I think I may have found a good balance, given that I've been pumping comics out for years now.
There's some truth to that.

On a sidenote - What kind of work do you do .. you know, in the real world ? :D
Awww, DK's actually just a huge softie! All he wants is a little love and attention. Makes me want his option on the voting page even more!
Heh, yeah .. but I can understand Shaire now.
I guess DK will just have to settle for a friend with occasional benefits, or something like that.
Will they be diving INTO THE SINGULARITY?!


And do you mean, like, high dive or scuba dive? I assume scuba dive.

I've always thought it would be interesting if someone explored the world concept from Plastic Little. Apparently the "Sea of Clouds" is actually a bunch of extremely condensed gases or something? To the point that it acts like an ocean? And things live down there? And all the cities are built on pillars? But there's only the one OAV and like six chapters of a manga that really go into precisely none of this?
Hrm ... haven't seen many comics/stories about diving, I must admit ... it would be fairly unusual.
There's the series Real Drive.
With Masamune Shirow no less.
when I hear "future diving", I think of the Rifters trilogy.

...I imagine I'll enjoy your future diving a whole lot more.
Never heard of the Rifters trilogy, but I have a feeling mine features more cute people not wearing much.
Cute peoples in bathing suits, or even birthday suits, is a definate plus. :)

not this this comic, though, it's pretty good, thanks for the ride view.

Everything else though. Life, am I right?
edit:sorry for that
Build up a backlog of, say, 30 issues of a comic, release 3 a week, and alternate off spending 5 weeks coding vs 5 weeks drawing. You could post game updates on the 2 days a week you don't do a comic.
I've heard of this planning thing, you should be wary of it.

It plans to eat you !
Hi View, will your next project be available via the same site?
A new project, but the same provider. I'll be putting up links, no worries.