Comic 442 - Not a Hero
2nd Feb 2014, 12:17 AM in Poison
Not a Hero
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Okay! On the last page we had a lot of discussion about what kind of porny scene I should draw. I think it's been narrowed down to three options, so look below and reply to the comment that is your favorite.

Please be sure to REPLY, using the reply button. Otherwise you'll be creating a new thread. You can do that, of course, but it's not going to sway my vote count any.

BTW, this is my sketchwork. I ink sketches like these for the final product.
User comments:
The first option is Ayata Interrupted. Personally, Ayata porn is the one I'm least interested in, but if there's a lot of votes, I'll bow to popular demand.
I'm not interested in specifically Ayata, perse, but i do want to see her species, and i'm not looking for more DK/PM sex, so i'll go with this.
My vote here. Ayata gets me both on the green skinned alien babe thing (Kirkworthy all the way) and with the innocent but sexy thing.
ctrl f on the last page, "ayata" gets 28 results, "dk" gets 11, "iri ", with a space, gets 8. Where are you all? I've been waiting for ayata's turn since her first appearance.
Gotta stick with the Ayata/Kellem idea. Doesn't have to be interrupted but I think they'd still be cute together. Mainly because Jagi doesn't like dem soft bodies.
A-ya-ta, A-ya-ta. Perhaps it's because she's the least sexual major character in this story that everyone is so hot to see her get it on.

Make her species' mating rituals exceptionally weird. That'll learn 'em.
Oh gods, please no, don't go with Horker's suggestion.

I have to agree with previous comments. Much as I absolutely love Shark, I've seen her already.

I have an urge to see the innocent character get her turn. Kellem's a decent guy, he should get some too. Why not with Ayata? Their species seem compatible.
Definitely what's going on there.

Also, innocent/cutesy smut is the best, and there's never enough of it.
Sorry, gonna hafta go with Ayata stuff. Though maybe even if it was just solo exploration...
I just like the Ayata//SwordySword//Couch//Kellem combination.

I reckon it gets my vote. :D
Ooh! 'Nother terrible suggestion: Ayata with a Swordy-sword strap-on, space goggles & a devilish grin. Kellem plays catcher. He is a bit of a fem-boy, after all.
I'm curious to know which porny bit you're most interested in. I bet your passion would make that scene extra spicy. But since we're voting, Ayata seems like a fun idea.
I vote Ayata.

I was going to vote DK for the random mini-giraffe possibilities, but I realized that I want porn of Ayata because I like her personality.

I'm not sure what you mean by Ayata interrupted, though. Is that a solo scene on the couch?
The second option is Dragon King's Fame, where DK gets it on with a variety of Poison Monkeys and Hei. If you want to see Ayata's species having sex and don't mind that it's not Ayata, this is a good option.
you split me between this and the first option but i think i'm gonna go with my man DK on this. DK plus some poison monkeys and Ayata clones!
It was a thought dessiosion.
Voting on this. I figure it will be interesting, and we've seen a lot of Iri and friends already. :)
DK deserves it. And as long as one of Ayata's species is involved, I support this option.
You know. . . . I actually think I'll vote for this one. An orgy for DK is much, much deserved!
How about Dragon King having sex with some "thankful" female Sexy Giraffes, "rewarding" him for saving their people.

That way DK would get some well deserved fun, we see some Sexy-Giraffe-sex, Ayata stays a nonsexual character and the scenario is at least somewhat "canon plausible".
Awww... and I was hoping for the possibility of a sexy Burbic girl. But none of your options include that possibility so I'll just leave my vote here for DK ;)
My vote goes here.
DK deserves a reward and Ayata can stay as View intended.
The final option is Iri, Next, and Shark, with perhaps a guest appearance or two. Some momentary scenes like this were in the comic, this would be like a long version of that.
Iri et al.'s got my vote.
I gotta say this is my favorite idea. Sorry, DK!
My votes here I guess. Though I'm saddended by the lack of getting some good lesbo action going.
If Ayata could be a guest then this one will have me sold
Man, there's a rumor that strakh survived? seriously? Cause he was one of my favorite heroes. You hear that, Riot? He's a hero, dammit!
Heh, would be kinda neat if Strakh survived.
Hmm, I wonder who he'd shack up with ?
The Rear-Admiral maybe ?
Let's compromise. Strakh, you're an anti-hero. You can drop the baddies off the roof tops and still get the gold medal and the chicks at the end.
He is the deadpool of this world.....or would that be Iri...
Kain Yusanagi
Nonono. He's blind, and has an alternate means of seeing. Of course he's Daredevil!
Kain Yusanagi
Oh, View. One last comment for the page- It's saccharine, unless it's a in-universe thingy. Saccharin is the artificial sweetener the term is based off of, that is as sickly sweet as the term means. :) Hope you don't mind me saying this, since I'm just pointing out a possible typo rather than trying to enforce real world physics on your universe. ._.;
view just putting this out there that maybe you only count the votes of people with profiles. It's rather easy to be a guest.
I have a profile, but I can't remember how to log in to it...
I don't think it's absolutely critical, although if I see sock puppets I may have to.
Hey View, I know it's not completely finished but I'm sure you know how art works with actually finishing things. ^^;
Oo, stylish!

I don't get a flood of fanart, but what I do get is really good!
Speaking of people who may or not have died, Jagi got no panel in the ending.
Kain Yusanagi
Jagi is awesome enough we just know he survived and is enjoying himself no longer having to babysit Iri. :P
How did I get here? I meant to reply to the second option.
Ops, that was supposed to be posted at the second option, my bad.
As long as the sex involves 'the couch' :D
You know, this could be the theme for the whole follow-up. Opening scene would be the smoking room on their ship. Iri has moved the couch there with an Iri-style obscure foreshadowing that it will be"useful". The remainder of the follow-up is various people finding various ways the couch is useful...
Hey View, How about some more fanart?

Monster Killers - "anyone home?":

...I started it Wednesday, was hoping to have it done Thursday, actually got really sick Friday, and finished it just now. Consider it a token of appreciation for the incredible art you make.

Next up, Dragon King and Rythm Riot!
ooOoohh .. nice one Brass. :D
Really liking the glowing metal, that worked a treat. :)

With all the fanart creeping out here, View will soon have to update his fanart page!
Thanks! First personal project painting I've finished in about two years. the comic has been inspirational!