Comic 441 - Fin
30th Jan 2014, 9:56 PM in Poison
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Author Notes:
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That's it for story, but there's about a week of wrap up left.

I'll be leaving this page up until Sunday because it's a VOTING PAGE! Yaaaay!

After I finish with the wrap up pages, I'll probably want to draw some PORN! Yaaaay!

If you like porn, vote on which characters you'd like to see in a brief porn scene. I have veto rights to prevent nonsense, but otherwise no strong opinions. Make your opinion known! Try to convince other people that your pairing is the sexiest pairing!
User comments:
anywhere we can find the story behind preserve #9? Or will that be in the wrap-up?
Oh, great fuckin comic by the way. I actually do enjoy that you don't spoon-feed all of this information and lore into our faces with walls of text.

Love your story-telling, the way you write real people, and the way you draw real people. Can't wait for your next work.
I probably won't go into it, because it's not very interesting. Just the people who make the rules ignoring the rules.
Awww. : (

That one escapee from Preserve #9 certainly did a LOT of damage to the galaxy. I was curious to learn more about them.

Did the death of the end boss free any of Iri's comrades from the Temple? Or are they all dead?
I dunno, sir. I'd absolutely love to hear more of the back story. How the federation works, where the temple came from and how it fell, where unity came from, why Jagi's skin is such a delightful blackbody surface. So many delicious questions! I felt the same way after Never Mind the Gap as well, and hell, Crater High.

You make good stories, sir.
I don't need the "sir"s, but the compliment is appreciated.

A lot of that stuff is covered in the RPG book I tried to create. I don't know if I'll finish it.
Cool character and all, but I like my porn like I like my women. No dicks. Strapons f-to-f are ok.
Kellem and Ayata. Who doesn't want to see Ayata finally getting some?

Shark and... yeah, how about a Shark solo bate!

PM Orgy! Only swapped from story pairing. Next with RR, Iri with DK, Shark with Pinkie. All at the same time!
Awww... but I thought it was wrap up PAGES. Plural.
I second the idea of Ayata porn.

Pretty much anything Ayata.

... Like maybe Ayata being a diplomat to a species with tentacles...
Ayata porn sounds good to me, and Kellem is the most obvious choice....
Sounds like the two biggest factions at the moment are "Kellam and Ayata" vs "Iri, Shark, and SOMEBODY".

Well, there's still a few days left.
Don't forget a Shark solo scene.

Set sometime after Iri left for the big mission and she really missed her...
We have seen so much of Iri and Shark.

I think the hero that did good deserves some face time... and some hanky panky. Maybe with two or three of his new admirers? The. It seems a fitting reward I would think. And Dragon is/was? one of my favorites.

Also I am glad to be proven wrong about Riot, considering she was my guess for the one not making it back, not Iri.

Oh, and the troll in me was railing at me to make my vote be Daisy and the apc...
Hah, lets hear it for Daisy and the APC. :D

Alternatively, Some Maybex lovin's ... dunno with who, though.
I don't know how Daisy's junk looks, so let's not consider her.
More webcomic'ing, or going for finer arts, like painting ? or just straight up writing ?
Well that god comic previews you posted looked pretty sweet. I'd love to see that but at the same time the mystery of whatever other genre of story you can come up with is too tantalizing.
How about going into the past, sorta? Somewhere steampunky?
I dunno ... high/low fantasy would be welcome too.

... Ghetto Elves. XD
That might actually work with steam punk too.
If the orcs are on Meth, is'nt it "high" fantasy anyway?
Maybe a dark fantasy with medieval/magic themes? I know technology is more your thing but its good to branch out.
Low fantasy is fantasy where you have stuff like Garbage Dragons, and Bog Unicorns and other silly stuff.
I would still like to see Iri and Next having sex.
I'd like to see DK wind up with someone. Doesn't have to be sexual but i'd like to see him happy and loved. Give the man some cuddles view
Well, you could vote for DK and some specific girl(s), if you like.

... I'm not sure if you'll like the next few pages, though. Ha...
Dammit View just give the man some cuddles. How about DK and the "Shy" girl.
She died......well..... FUCK. MY either goes to DK and Ayata or Dk and Next. Let's get some Yaoi going if DK can't have a happy ending :P
Ok, now even I am curious about Shaire.
Why not her ?
It's not that anything happened to her. View is just stating that what's coming next is porn.

DK is a war-hero who killed the final boss and can have literally any girl he wants.

Be creative and think up a good time for DK for now and he'll have his cuddles later.
Next, Shark, and Iri with strap-ons and double penetration. DP on which one? All of them of course! I like me some Shark Meat.

Are we allowed to cast votes for others while putting forth out own idea? If so I like Phuji's idea of Ayata and Kellem.
It'd be easiest if people start voting with responses, but I'm not particularly fussed about how people make their opinions known.
I'm guessing it would be Shark and Irir, double-strap-oning Riot whos' in a mild bondage harness. Seems like her cup of tea.
I said nothing about Riot. I'm talking about Next. Yes I'm going there.
*cackles at the mental image of Jagi and Daisy, then reaches for the mental floss*
Daisy and Ayata would be an interesting pairing. If you don't want to figure out Daisy's bits, I'm sure Ayata could enjoy some oral.
Sad your story is finished,but if history is any indication we've got a month and then a new story I'll enjoy even more.

As far as porn, Ayata/kellem, or Ayata/Jagi, or Ayata/Swordy-sword.
Mother of god... I completely forgot about the possibilities.

Shark solo scene ft. Swordy Sword!
Ohh ... I could get behind Ayata // Swordy-Sword. :)

Maybe one where Kellem finds Ayata enjoying herself with Swordy-Sword, and then he joins in on the fun?
Not going to lie, tried to get a friend of mine to 3d design and print a replica of swordy sword, but he refused due to the suggestive shape likely getting him in trouble
I'm gonna go ahead and throw my vote in early for ANYTHING AYATA!
Iri and "Ashes" Quibs! It can be back story and porn all at once!
Just spent the last 2 hours rereading and thoroughly enjoying this comic. View, you do great work.
I think Iri's the best choice.

As a suggestion, only do Ayata if you can make it in-character. She seems pretty non-sexual in most of the comic, which is cool.
I'd toss my vote behind an in-character Ayata and Kellem doing an in-depth, interspecies interview.

That or Maybex discovering that her brush with Iri has earned her the attentions of her crush; with perhaps an awkward ending like imagining Iri's big goofy hair during climax or some such.
I'd like to see Shark, the tall girl from your Cheer comic, and Sarah from your Les comic together.
The true savior of the galaxy gets what it deserves at last!
Hah, the couch has almost taken on a life of it's own.

Ah well, I guess I'm partly to blame.
But 'tis true, the couch needs luvin's too!
There seems to be consensus that whatever happens will at least be *on* the couch.
Ayata and the couch and interviewing Next!
Kellem finding Ayata // Swordy-Sword having fun on the Couch, after he interviews Next ?
(the interview gets cut short because Iri gets horny)
rainbows 1701
I agree, the more key inanimate objects involved the better!
How about Iri, Ayata, and Maybex the Lidar Tech have an interlude in the car...while still fleeing the bombardment.
The car does, after all, have good shocks.
Please include Carol from NMtG in the scene! She is so hot. That hair that falls just so in front of her face hngggggg
Oh btw hello view and everyone. This is my first post but I'm an avid reader of your work.
She seems to have a few fans, but that's not within this universe!
I am anew fan exposed to your work less then 24 hours ago. I have only one question about your work,what's next?