Comic 440 - Fools
29th Jan 2014, 7:14 PM in Poison
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I accidentally dropped a whole cup of sugar into the ending.
User comments:
IRI!!! You actually had me going there for a little bit. Well played, View.
Looks like Iri has bionic eyes now. If only she had been wearing space goggles....
her chest looks like more then just eyes...
Or she just burned off whatever was coating her bioroid insides and revealed what her eyes look like underneath. Maybe it will grow back in time?
View, you just flip-flopped this ending so hard, I laughed some OJ out of my nose.

IT burns. but well played.
... you laughed some OJ simpson out your nose ?

... wtf ?
So I've got a question? Can the PMs have babies and grow up? Does it sort of work like NMtG where they upgrade bodies? Or are they more flesh then their constructed existance lets on.

Either way, nice work with the end. A twist that makes you laugh is a nice touch every once and a while. Especially when well done. With only a touch of ham. Heh heh
They're completely biological, and they have kids just like anyone else. Iri and Dragon are just undergoing a massive cybernetic reconstruction project due to extensive internal injuries.
The sugar will help with the 'cavity' the end of the story will leave...
Fucking outstanding view. *slow clap*

But seriously, once again you made me give an IRL fuck about some doodles you drew in a day. Great work with this project, can't wait for the next one.
Lol I haven't yet and don't plan to anytime soon. I've been reading you since cheer. I don't think i'm going anywhere.
Lol a tad bit creepy but well received. Well played view.

Would this be an inopportune time to ask for another picture by the by? I'd like another soldier but this time a poison monkey one?
I plan to do that stuff after the ending bit, so it'll be next week.
sweet! thanks view.

Idk what your gunna do or how your gunna do it but if you could base it off me (6' 210 mostly muscle, High and tight haircut, hazel eye, 240-B gunner, Rank PFC) That would be freaking sweet.
My options are pretty limited because the image is quite small, but I'll do something.
Oh, you want a sketch, not an icon. That's fine.

But please don't offer money: I never accept any. Also, if you talk to other artists, be a bit careful offering amounts like $5. A lot of artists would take insult from it.
I apologize for that. Idk what it takes to make a page or the work that goes into it or how much it costs. I'm so sorry for offending you.
You didn't offend me, because I don't take any money anyway. Just wanted to give you a heads-up: it's a sensitive subject in the artist community.
...Although, upon further reflection, this is not proper decorum for a memorial service.

...Upon yet more reflection, I can't bring myself to care. YOU ROCK, IRI!
Damn good as always! Poor Next, it must be hard to be the mature one at a solemn ceremony when one of your war heros is busy groping the woman in her lap.
In a cave somewhere, having some sweet quality time with a certain APC. :)

... this needs to be a thing.
View, you wanna sketch it ? :D
Hate to break up the party, but unless Riot changed hair color, that's not her with Pinky. So unless she was up on the platform, we haven't seen her yet? Or she was one of the ladies hanging on Dragon.
Hadn't seen any of them dye their hair yet I don't think.

But I guess hope springs eternal.
Actually, a fair number of them have dyed their hair for this event.
It appears to me that Ms. Lake's favorite playtoy has lost some weight and changed her hair a bit.
Yaaay, Iri lives! She's got some time to recover, it seems, but all's well that ends well.

As far as sketch requests go, I figured I'd toss mine in real quick before I forgot; perhaps a peek into the mini-giraffe's village/home life? I understand if that's a bit too much to ask, I just thought it'd be neat.