Comic 44 - Nightfall
2nd Sep 2012, 7:34 PM in Jungle
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"Ecological prowess" = "glowing jellies everywhere"
User comments:
Ooh, glowing green eyes.

I KNEW there was something weird about her eyes!!
They're not glowing, technically. They're a bit like a cat's.
Undead H3r3tic
Oh, I thought they were night vision goggles, and that they were doing a James Bond maneuver by swimming to the enemy stronghold via the lake.
I cannot express how much I wish I could turn Ayata just a little bit to see more sideboob.

Loving Iri's eyes, as always.

So... surrounded by jellyfish, is that bad?
Wait... There are toxic aliens? Is Jagi nontoxic? I'd assume not with Iri riding him, but then again, it IS Iri...
Does that imply that Jagi is toxic and Iri being a poison monkey is immune?
I'm guessing Ms. Lake doesn't like water any more than she likes thorns!
Ayata, on the other hand, seems quite at home.
I like the fact that the most visually human-like alien in this story is also the creepiest. :P
Wow, my math was off. I thought All 3 naked= glowing jellies everywhere.
Poor Jagi. Toting a chain smoking, psychotic, hairy may-as-well-be-a-ferret poison monkey around on his back through what I'd bet is tropical swamp hell. I think we /all/ have been there before, right?!

And Ayata is as cute as ever. She's awesome so far.