Comic 439 - Popular Guy
28th Jan 2014, 11:47 PM in Poison
Popular Guy
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Next doesn't look like a happy camper.
I suspect we will learn why soon.
I am so happy about this! Sorry Next, too busy being happy for DK
Not only did he kill the end boss, he did it while severely wounded, that's just extra badass, and probably adds to his allure. :)
He went all Gandalf on the boss' ass. Got all the EXP. Dumped all feats and points into Charisma.
I wonder what Shaire has to think about all this heroism?
Oh, I suspect she loves it.

But I wonder what Shaire has to think about all of the competition ?
lol, the mini-giraffe is STILL shocked they have hair.
That's Pinky and Riot up front there right? I'm surprised Riot isn't getting her share of attention given her role in the rescue. I suppose it's a little less saved-the-universy than DK.
Well, in a way, it was the camera guy that had the ultimate plan to save them ... he's probably getting mobbed too, off picture. :D

As for Pinkie and Riot, somehow I think they're fine with not too much attention. Besides they seem to have hooked up after a fashion.
Well, the two of them had hooked up in spectacular fashion back on the ship it seemed.

I was just thinking Riot would get some attention because she was the one leading team rescue and PMs seem culturally programmed to revere not only her self-sacrifice (even if she didn't die she stayed behind to keep all the hunters on the station from "pressing any key" and likely survived only because slave master died before they could swarm her) but also because they seem to focus on the saving of your own people in war as much as the killing of the other side (their hospital ship they're so proud of).
Ok the one I thought would be still around, is.

And unfortunately, my other idea is looking close to being true too.

Kain Yusanagi
I think maybe, just possibly, Next is all mopey/scowling because Iri isn't the one getting lauded as the hero. I'm also thinking that her future sight is now gone due to injury, and that's why she couldn't see further into the future.

(Sunshine, lollipops, aaaannnd rainbows~....)
Oorrr, she is dead.

C'mon man, admit its a possibility!
Or, she saw the future just fine.

She couldn't say anything about the events of the future though, because doing so would have resulted in a different outcome, and Iri was being all grumpy at the time because Riot was going to be annoying and she couldn't do anything but ride it out.

If DK can survive, I will remain hopeful that Iri did too. Next is probably upset that he has to attend this while Iri is off "recovering" with Shark.
Gonna predict, here and now, that Iri is still kickin'.
Oh man, DK. And suddenly the super shy guy is surrounded by women, wonder how he'll react to the attention/popularity.

Also, please let Iri still be kicking!
I'm thinking his shyness might stop him from getting too big a head and keep his feet on the ground.
It's worth noticing that the PMs seem to be pretty trustful of the mini-giraffes, as they're going around with their necks exposed like it's nothing.
They're in the same boat as species that have the threat of debris field isolation hanging over their heads. Though the possible threat of another Unity someday may be enough to warrant their being allowed into the SF.