Comic 438 - Triple Tongue
27th Jan 2014, 11:56 PM in Poison
Triple Tongue
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Getting real close to the end, although I'll have at least a week of extras after the end.
User comments:
I've enjoyed the ride View. As always you do excellent work and story telling!
Well, I put out a lot of content, so it can be entertaining.
I'm really liking mini-giraffe speech. Its just nice a flowy (looks like Arabic even.)
I stole the little Arabic slopey bit on some of the ends of the lines, but it's actually based more on aboriginal languages full of clicks.
No cold turkey!
Thank you for
Easing the transition.
Gonna have to read it again all the way through once its done.
I do love your stories View! I enjoyed Nevermind the Gap and um, a comic you did before that, and I have certainly enjoyed this one.

I'm hoping that you won't skimp on the epilogue. I like the characters too much and kinda want to know what happens or happened to all of them.
I like the big reveal with this one (Ayla's power to impose suggestions — a small detail that explains a lot about her), then the big robotic reveal in Nevermind the Gap. Despite that, they are both really great web comics that are way better then most of the published comic books I have read.
Kain Yusanagi
Actually would have to say that the way that NMtG handled the reveal was masterfully done and is why I have continued to stalk you online reading your work. ;P
This must be rather some time after we were last, or something. Either that, or Ayla's people pick up languages like wow. Or she's got something helping. Anyway!
She's been working on it since the beginning of the story, but some time has passed.
We're gonna see pictures on that stand behind her, I think... :/

Art-wise, very nice work on this page. I especially like your grass. How much do you feel like you've improved as an artist over the course of this comic?

It's been a blast to read, and coming in late I can confirm that it holds together quite nicely even being read in one sitting (as did NMtG). Very much looking forward to the conclusion and extras!
I improved a lot, but now I'm switching to a new art program, so there's a lot of backsliding.
Captivating work as always, View. Any idea what you're going to be working on next?
Kain Yusanagi
I really hope to see that project you were teasing us with during filler week!
I look forward to that little pron thing. I just realized I've been following you for about 5 to 6 years now with your most recent work lasting nearly 2 years. Will the next serious webcomic last even longer?
Not unless I magically get a studio to do most of the work.
red is blood
white is bone
green is ?

rest? mourning? peace?

The problem with ends is they are the end. Good stories need endings.

Green is the most sacred color to the Poison Monkeys, since they were created to return the color to their planet.
OMFG that poison monkey and mini-giraffe are holding hands! Romance is in the air! <3<3<3
Hopefully we'll get to see some sign that Iri survived via bio-roid stasis, two pages of graveyards has me feeling as though my sandwich is in dire circumstances.
Not to distract from the solemnity of the occasion, but I was just wondering -- is that a microphone headset she's wearing, or is it jewelry? Or both?
Everyone's thinkin' it, I'm just sayin' it...

... hope the extras are full of sex.