Comic 437 - Afterward
26th Jan 2014, 8:14 PM in Poison
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I actually did this in a different art program, because SAI doesn't really have pattern brushes. :P

The problem is that the colors work differently, so I'm not sure about the way the green looks.
User comments:
That's a lot of dead people.

Are we looking at just dead PM's, or are we also looking at other races, such as Ayata's people, here ?
Well, Ayata's people don't have the technical knowhow to mass manufacture complex headstones.
They mentioned in the space battle part that the Poison Monkeys were taking all the hits... Sad that they had to do that to justify their existence.
Can anyone read the text over the crypt in the back?
Take a day off to add to the suspense, and come Sunday, STILL no answers.

Cruel, but funny as all hell.
Is that the rebuilt Hunter Temple in the distance?
Ah, ok. It just looked kinda like it.
Kinda glad you said this cause I was thinking "Wow, those headstones really don't get small as they get further away... or the ones in the distance are huge beside that building...."
Really frakkin' GREEN. Whoa.