Comic 436 - Spotlight
23rd Jan 2014, 10:00 PM in Poison
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Pretttttty close to done.
User comments:
Looks like Jagi got the ship running again. . . lets hope he's not too late. :(
Somewhere along the line the missing sleeve switched sides.
Don't be silly, I definitely have never mistaken right and left more than six or seven times in this comic!

I *really* like how well that transitions from last page to this one. I mean... I like how well you've made it feel like time passed using just the lighting and changes in color of the frozen blood and ice.
That was the intention, although it was a bit cheap.
Gotta admit, I'm very curious as to what happens Next.
::spoiler:: She was a Bioroid the whole time.... wait, that seems so familiar...
Well, we *know* she's a Bioroid, along with the entire PM race, the Big Bad told us so to our faces.

But yeah, the more the story changes, the more it stays the same. At least she's not called Mary ... unless that's her middle name. >_<
after looking the page over several more times... they didn't make it. :(
a Built species for harsh work sites...…..Dec 15th "They're built to go into stasis if their job is done".
Shhhh ... you're not supposed to notice details like that! :D
OH SHIT! I had forgotten that T.D. Gripp!

All this resurgent hope is going to leave me devastated all over again if I'm not careful.
It makes too much sense though! This is just the kind of clever fake-out that I'd expect view to pull!
Yeah, view really nailed the colors and shading in these last two pages. Possibly a result of having only one large shot to work on at a time.