Comic 434 - Stuck
21st Jan 2014, 11:02 PM in Poison
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I'm not sure about this page, because the characters are too screwed up to explain what happened.
User comments:
Well, if I had to guess.

Irir is projecting some sort of force field around herself and DK; which because of the expenditure of power is burning her up from the inside. And then she kisses DK's faceplate goodbye as she vaporizes into nothing?

The orange/pink blobby bits?
Title's Stuck, so let's assume this page is explaining how. From the look of it, Swordy-sword was near the viewport, but was expelled when the panel gave, making teleportation a non-option. She then establishes a field to keep them isolated for at least a moment, and...?

"Did I do okay?"
It looks more like Swordy-sword is coming through the wall towards her and the leak is air/gas now pouring out through the hole.

I'm still not sure what's going on in Panel 3 but I'm assuming that would be key to understanding why she kisses(?) his facemask in the last panel or why she's crying (?) in the last panel.
Explanations are not always needed in the short term...
Swordy-sword has been known to teleport to her hands when so required. My suspicion is she tried to teleport them both and failed.
There is a dialog bubble in the fourth frame. The first part is unreadable but it ends with " okay?" So I think she's kissing DK goodbye ...
Thanks for noticing the dialog bubble, I missed it.
Here goes.
Iri teleported swordysword, but broke the glass when she tried, and failed, to teleport herself or both of them after it.
DK asks if he did good, and Iri kisses him to say 'yes' and possibly 'goodbye'.
The sparkles in the last panel are moisture boiling away and flash freezing in vaccuum. It means Iri is in the process of loosing her eyes, and possibly her lungs, while she asphyxiates. :(
Well, that's because you're tuned into the porn channel!
And now .. the climatic death.

Will it be Iri ?
Or will it be Dragon King ?

He could still pull off his helmet and put it on her. So either one is still up for grabs.
Well, she has about 30 seconds before permanent damage begins to happen. I'm guessing about 10 to 15 seconds has elapsed so far...
Being blind would also make the future rather dark, perhaps she makes it out, but not before permanent damage.
Hurry up Jagi, you need to swing that ship around and pick them up before this thing goes any further down the the way of the noble sacrifice.

I just hope she can't see the surprise rescue coming because of the hunters on base, and not because it isn't happening.
Indeed, but they're currently on a small child - So not doing Iri much good.