Comic 433 - Decompression
20th Jan 2014, 10:00 PM in Poison
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User comments:
There's how they're getting together. Now the question is, can Iri port two?
Well, she has progressively gotten stronger, so she probably can .... *IF* she isn't too wounded & tired.
Yeah, Iri said she didn't want the bulkhead dropped down, because then she wouldn't be able to see ... something or other.

Definately sounds like she has a plan of some sort going on.
Up until now, Dragon King hasn't looked all that impressive in most cases, but he's starting to live up to his name "Dragon" because damn he's taken a beating and he's still going on.

At this pace, Shaire is going to have to reward him with sex for weeks. :D
And a few days after that till he can get up to it again>?
Well, oddly enough, I could easily see Shaire in a nurse outfit.
And I even think she would enjoy taking care of him.

PM's are weird that way, I think.
Whatever displaces the h2o under your boat so you can have a yard arm to transcend!
I'm thinking Iri and DK are going to feel all of this in the morning. Assuming they see morning. <:c
If they get out alive Dragon is going to have one hell of a movie appearance. Riot is going to be livid at not getting to be in his place for this kind of cinematic climax.
I'm expecting blast emergency blast doors/atmos field