Comic 431 - Hacks
17th Jan 2014, 10:15 PM in Poison
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Some villains are kind of overpowered.
User comments:
I bet Iri is feeling like a heme-roid right about now.
And of course he's got more up his sleeves than just his arms!
Hopefully, a Stranglehold can stop him from unleashing the Powers of a Goddess.
You know, it's probably unintentional or at least subconscious, but the main villain here, with this, ends be a mind controller guy who shoots lightnings, and it's similar to the main villain of a certain other space opera.

Also, well, poor sop doesn't know that killing guys like him is just what Iri does.
It's a standard kung-fu villain. Virtually every old master in every kung-fu flick has these abilities.

Mine is unique because he doesn't have a long wispy beard.
I hate it when a miniboss right before the main boss drains me to critical just before the fight too.
"This isn't even my final form!"

Perhaps Iri can teleport this smug bastard outdoors.


I kind of got the sense that the left one was rabbit-like but I'll have to wait until the comic debut to figure out the right girl's inspiration/nature. This would have been completed much sooner but several hours were lost to this sudden idea:
Ha ha, the human's backstory is "run the hell away from tentacle monsters", as I recall.

Very sharp colors, especially compared to the washed-out blah watercolors I did. The left girl is a bunny girl - I wanted to take an oversexualized species and play them down.

The one on the right is a nereid.
Yeah, that's their backstory in a nutshell. I'm having a bit of fun turning her ship into the S.S. Inexplicable Steampipes.

Aha, that clarifies things with regard to her colors.
Human backstory ?
Tentacle monsters ?

Are we talking about Japan here or soemthing ?
Ohhh ... I seeee....

btw, View should totes add that image you colored to the fanarts section. :)
You mean the one about the bunny girl? It's not about this universe.
Hrm .. good point.

Say, didn't you have a Deviant Art account too ?
"I'm too strong for you" he says and then the other couch drops on top of him.

I'm totally calling it now. XD
Hah, yeah, she just might, once her people are safe.

Make him nuke himself a few times might soften him up for Jagi.
Lightning balls floating around him are intimidating, but now, just now, imagine if he was levitating couches all around him.
I do believe there's a list of things a supervillain should never do floating around on the internet.

AFAIK - Monologuing was definately on that list.
I think there was a supervillain that had a song about it, and it more or less went: what's the point of being a supervillain, if you don't do monologues, gloating, and the other things supervillains do? It's what makes it fun.
Yeah, well, those guys are just hacks !

*title name drop* Ziing!
Nevermind Star Wars or Kung Fu Guy comparisons, I just think it's impressive you predicted Zarubokka from Xenoblade X right down to most of their backstory.. and made them sexier.