Comic 430 - Pyrria
15th Jan 2014, 11:04 PM in Poison
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Hope it's clear!
User comments:
Iri got a fatal shot in with swordy sword right before she took a knuckle buster to the gut.
Looks like a dart filled with dat' good ol' genetic stew
Iri stabbed the dart in his forehead in the first panel in the previous page.
Correctomundo! :D

I noticed Iri planting something on his forehead, but didn't know what it was - I kinda half expected it to be a smiley sticker.
Heck, I'm still having a hard time believeing it's just a white dart, you'd expect a PM poison dart to be pink with little animals drawn on it in crayon. >_<
The dart was the one that got stuck in DK's clock before he was blasted onto the couch.
Now .. for DK to get up and kill the old man - His true reason for being her ?
If DK get's up before team rescue comes to find him, there will be two sounds you hear: a brief gasp of pain and the soft sound of a rainstick as his shattered ribcage shifts about inside him.

I'm gonna go ahead and guess that the lack of a "TOXINS DETECTED. VENTING TO MAXIMUM." Is what finishes off the last of the ancients.
Lets not forget that PM's tend to go out in EPIC style.
So DK gotta get up and do something supremely stupid, or it won't be epic enough. :D
Huh. Low velocity attacks are the best against slabheads, I guess.
Proof why it is always good to put some points into one's [pickpockets/slight-of-hand/prestidigitation/legerdemain] skill, even if you are playing a warrior class, as they could allow for one hell of a coin-in-your-ear trick! ;p
You know, even tho he was a mindcontrolled human tank, I'm a bit sad because I kinda liked Kax.

I actually wonder, except the swordplay and the fact that seeing the future made him much more fearsome than average, was he exceptionally strong or fast for his specific subrace?