Comic 43 - Prickly
31st Aug 2012, 11:32 PM in Jungle
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No comic tomorrow!

Oh, I tried out FireAlpaca. I'm impressed! The first piece of free drawing software with both pressure sensitivity and smoothing!

I'll keep using SAI until this planet's done, but I may switch to FireAlpaca if I like it then.
User comments:
Ayata is much too sensitive to hang out with this crew!
Iridium Lake: Capable of hijacking a military spaceshift and demands that Jagi carry her when she's scratched by a thorn just to ask him to carry her.

She's definitely a high-maintenance woman—and she does it on purpose. xD
"How was I supposed to know there were thorns there!"

"... well, for starters, you can see the future..."
Quantum Null Thorns! That travel back wards in time!
Undead H3r3tic
It's not that big of a deal, but the term "psychers" seems a bit weird to me. I know someone will comment on the WH40k, but I prefer the spelling "psyker".

Unless you're going for the soft -ch sound, that's the way I keep reading it. Just saying.

Love the comic so far, sorry I don't comment often :)
I might ask something very obvious, but are Psychers people with psychic powers? And not like... people who can find psychos like Iri.
It'll come out in the comic, but they're basically people who have super psychic uber powers.

Iri is a hunter. Which is kind of a very specific subset of psycher, technically speaking, but nobody really thinks of them that way.
Jagi's personality so far reminds me of Garrus from Mass Effect.

That's a really good thing! :)
Our version of Shepard didn't go renegade or paragon, she just went dipshit. It was the third choice. Grants lots of annoying-based power-ups.
Heh - paragon blue all the way baby ! .. end kind of sucked though... ( ME3 )
I love that look she has in the last panel. Like, "Aw I wanted to be carried".
So he got part of his face blown off/melted where he has those sensor things? Or most of his body, explaining him being covered in the thing?
Steam Pirates is a concept fraught with multiple possibilities...
Oohhh. Ok, I misunderstood the person being referred to on the previous page.

I see why he is so pissed off. There's no pain like steam burns pain. Especially to tear your face off.
Her crazy reminds me of me on my crazy days... that's probably not good, especially since i can turn berserker.
Panel 3 is a surprisingly creepy face, lol.

I wonder what is going through Ayatas mind at this point. Iri seems hell bent on dashing any respect Ayata may have for her, lol.
wow love this page. very cool concepts and yeah a hard shell would make throrns much less of a issue.. unless they get between the joints OW! im wondering if he/she has a endo skeletal structure as well as a exo-skeletal
View, can you please blow up panel 3 and get rid of the text bubble? I really wanna use that as an avatar or wallpaper or something...
If you do, I'll love you long time...
There's no version without a text bubble, but maybe I can figure something out.
Haha, look at that expression when she says 'No'. You can just tell she thinks she'll regret it.