Comic 427 - Crash
12th Jan 2014, 9:41 PM in Poison
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User comments:
Cant wait for the next page
I hope that is not too much currency leaking onto the floor...
Well dang, he didn't even slow him down much. And form the amount of blood h'e leaking on the floor, it's not looking too good for DK.

I wonder if the smoke around their feets is just dust that got kicked up, or if DK left a bit of neuro toxin as a gift.
The dust was already there, so it's probably from the pillar.
Agreed about the pillar. I think he has time for one last noble act though. Maybe go out predator style with a self destruct.

View, if both my favorite characters die, I'm going to be pretty bummed.
Now to see whether or not the neurotoxin kills him or Iri kills him. He may be a monster, but I doubt he'll be able to go very long without breathing/absorbing any of that.
even if, i dont think the throne room is the only room without vents.
Still that punch has got to leave a bruise.