Comic 425 - Kung Fu
8th Jan 2014, 11:59 PM in Poison
Kung Fu
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Getting my action on!
User comments:
Bloody hell, that's a pretty cool action sequence. In fact, I think it's your best so far.

Also supersneaky of Iri to teleport her blade between hands. I'm loving it. :)
They do take a lot of training to do well, I think.

Same with vehicular action, that's rather hard too.
One of the best at vehicular action is Kenichi Sonada who did the Gunsmith Cats manga, good stuff. :)
That's the advantage of getting something out every day (or nearly so) and confronting difficult scenes head-on. It's one of the best ways to get all that training out of the way.
The motion lines tuned out great. I always struggle with action, but I keep practicing:)
Doing awesome with the action sequence so far! I like how their forms blend into the speed lines instead of the traditional directional black lines.
I wanted to make it feel really distinct from Iri's lack of speed.
This is what she meant when she told Next that Hunters are monsters, and he reminded her that he has guns, and bigger guns and a whole fleet of big ships with even bigger guns !

... I wonder if guns might be part of her solution ?
The choreography (camera and actor) is probably harder than action. You have this nailed so far!

Iri fights like the Silver Horde - she's not quite as fast, but she's always where she needs to be.
In the words of Ace Ventura, "No body messes with the do".
Kax sure is good at hand-to-hand fighting. I wonder if he didn't have the time to make another blade or what.