Comic 423 - Patience
6th Jan 2014, 10:47 PM in Poison
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User comments:
Looks like Riot forgot to put her helmet on.

And I like the lighting in this one.
The Power of Awesome protects her! That and unreal toxin resistance.
Well, she doesn't need a helmet until they get into the room and start shootin' at her ... *then* she might need one.
You must be new here. Read back, and you'll understand. Also, note the window.
Not quite there yet, it's still only Pove, or Shush maybe. Puve is about the furthest I'd place the state of things at.
She could sit there and throw those one at at time if she had enough!
Yeah, she only have to delay them. :)

Also, she's enjoying herself because of their panic.
Hunters are kind of silly when it comes to doors. They're station guards and they didn't even bother trying to open the door normally.

But I guess this is just another case of "when all you have is a hammer."
Well, if they'd have opened it, she'd have tossed the grenade into their room.