Comic 421 - Keylock
3rd Jan 2014, 11:50 PM in Poison
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Welcome back, everyone!
User comments:
Back to our regular schedule of pulp action in space... WITH COLORS!

The extras were good as well, tho.
Wow! the colors really pop now! Good depth to the characters.
hrmm ... did Ayata misplace a piece of clothing along the way ?
Yeah. It's super mega important and definitely not because I forgot.
Definately not because you forgot ... in fact .. it was meant to be like that ALL THE TIME !!

*sage nod*

Meanwhile, another Mini Giraffe has gained a new shirt!
Besides, Ayata still have her goggles, so she's good to go. :)
I'd rather this end for her in a tallahassee from zombieland style rather in a "ONWARD TO MY NOBLE DEATH!" stlye.

"Last request?" Riot asks, "Yeah sure, fuck me senseless."

*Riot strips and proceeds to fuck all the Hunters to exhaustion*
*stopping them from hitting .. well, any key at all*

"Hrmph, was that all they had ?"
"I am dissapointed."
"Oh well, gotta do what you do best"

*checks a monitor and see's all the escape pods are out of range of the mines*
*hits a key*

"Hah, winning!"


Oh, Poison Monkeys, Always set for epic/drama.

For the record, making a species that is culturally predisposed to pulpy-epicness for your pulp comic is like, creating an inworld rational for your species being largely biologically similar and humanoid. Oh wait, you did that too...

Well played...
Aye, it is quite a nice setup there.

Next thing you know .. clones.
'cause clones are the fault for .. like .. everything!
Blood is the only currency of trust.


Side note, I think you forgot to re-add the couch page
Well of course it's non-canon... they clearly used a catapult to get it airborn and keep it silent.