Comic 420 - Key
21st Dec 2013, 12:13 AM in Poison
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Okay, the last page this year. You don't have much time if you want to add to my filler!

I only have a few fan pieces at the moment, so I'll post a few pages of another series to fill the time.

One way or another, there should be 6 pages a week until next year... just not 6 pages of actual content.

It'll AAALLLLL be deleted on the 3rd! So make sure to visit lots or you'll miss it forever!
User comments:
Unplug the keyboard, unplug the keyboard!

Actually, I wonder if shooting the terminal would be detected as disabling it. ;3

Oh! Best idea yet. The old desktop image trick. You know, screenshot the desktop, disable the icons on it, and use it as the background. Watch confusion ensue.
Just activate a screensaver with a keyword on it ... don't tell anyone the keyword. :D
just caught up.

i wonder if you have an RSS feed...
Something I wondered... should the use of the term "mini-giraffes" be taken as evidence that Earth species are known?

Or am I overthinking it, and should just consider "giraffe" to be the English word for some long-necked alien species?
Nah, just shorthand. No reason to call a rabbit a smeerp.
reminds me of a xkcd cartoon:
So he did end up having a use: Coming up with the ideas the military people would automatically dismiss if they thought it.
Your work is amazing. Ive read a lot of your comics, and each one as good as the last. I hope your stay on forever, and good work.

-keep on writing!