Comic 42 - Capital Sight
30th Aug 2012, 10:42 PM in Jungle
Capital Sight
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Experimenting with colors.
User comments:
A sunset is always a good thing to do when experimenting with colors. It's so pretty~
Grey Garou
If I may make an observation, the clouds could use a bit of smoother blending, the abrupt borders between some of the colors tend to suggest brush strokes. Just an observation, that's all.
Pretty pretty pretty. Your coloring is indeed improving slowly but surely! I'm loving this comic so far. It's all new but the same, if that makes sense. If you ever felt like redoing the first panel at some point down the road on a large scale I'd totally use it as a desktop wallpaper. I know that right now they're not meant to be extremely blown up even though its possible.
Widely beautiful indeed!

Ayata is becoming wild and free.
Ah yes the SFS "Inexplicable Steam Pipes" an older model like the SFS "Console that explodes in a shower of sparks when the ship is hit" or the "Computer that can instantaneously analyze anything in the universe but needs a biologic pilot to move five meters in a straight line".
Yeah I was going to mention the SFS "Incredibly spacious with little storage compartments" until I remembered Jagi's ship.
Aww, I was hoping for more light green side boob.