Comic 419 - LEFT!
19th Dec 2013, 11:51 PM in Poison
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Doo doo waaaahhh... one more page planned before I leave. If you want me to post yer fanart, send it in nowish!
User comments:
"Your other left!"

The hilarious and sad thing is how often that actually works.
No, no ... that one concists of opening a can of tuna.

What we have here is a Mini Giraffe pileup. :)
Ah, but cats are masters of the fourpaw drift and can dodge any animate object in their path ... the fridge and the walls don't count though.
Mr. Vareel
Wait a minute, where'd...what's her name? ...Λctually, I don't know if I ever heard it. Λnyway, the big mouthed one. Where'd her bubbly speech bubbles go? Was that an accident (not trying to be critical) or is she speaking straight common?