Comic 418 - Pish posh
19th Dec 2013, 12:32 AM in Poison
Pish posh
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Almost time for vacation!
User comments:
every ship is a minesweeper...


Fire the escape pods into the mine feild, and THEN make your escape.
Oooh, I like your way of thinking, but they have no ship.

Offcourse, if mines are programmed to ignore escape pods, they might still work ?
I seem to remember Iri mentioning that their ship was small and mostly ignored by the mines ?

Hmmm ... I wonder if the Mini Giraffe's can "talk" to the mines ane convince them to let them trough ?
Well, Riot is a smart cookie, so I'll take that as a compliment.

Though you say it like we have missed something obvious. :D
Aren't they orbiting a planet? But I guess it might very well be one with hostile environment.

But... what if there's some way to disable the mine field? I mean there has to be some way for non-psychers to get to the station. Or not and that's the whole point of having a random displacement minefield.
Oh my god he is so cute. D: (Of course, that's his job... :P) How could anyone yell at him? :'(
I'm guessing it's not his tactical guidance that'll come in handy... Maybe he needs to use his cuteness to distract one of the hunters, or some of the mooks, at just the right moment? :P
If there were enough pods, you could launch them to clear the minefield so J's ship doesn't get hit.
Hrmm .. not a bad idea.
That could give Jagi time to fix it up a bit.
A. Run the station into the mines THEN use the pods

B. Cast a gravity net onto one of the pods and suck all the mines into it
Launch the mines in the escape pods.
Blow up the station.
Cast a gravity net on a black hole.
Bounce a graviton particle beam off the main deflector dish?
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