Comic 417 - Tool List
16th Dec 2013, 11:45 PM in Poison
Tool List
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Go team rescue!
User comments:
It's time to be useful and show off journalist skills.

Like I don't know, improvising weapons to kill zombies.
...What are the chances Iri intended Kellam as a sacrifice? (Probably none, but just occurred to me that it's a possibility.)
I wouldn't be surprised if more than a few main characters, (iri included,) die, and she knew beforehand. Remember when she was freaking out with Next?

And possibly also know a thing or two about camera's, including security cameras.

Would be useful to know where the hunters are.
the dude is probably recording the entire rescue op if nothing else

politically that's huge propaganda
Yes, but it's only huge propagande if they manage to escape.
Clearly Iri foresaw how much he liked the way Ayata looks in the buff and that there would be a huge naked mini-giraffe migration in the future. She just put two and two together and the guy is in heaven right now.
Haha, nice reasoning.
"Anton Chekhov gave me three guns, which one hasn't been fired yet?"
View, I've done one fan art but have to wait for my camera battery to recharge to be able to upload it. I'll get it to you tomorrow, I hope.
Yay! I'm not sure I'll be able to put out a comic today, anyway.