Comic 415 - Lure
13th Dec 2013, 11:30 PM in Poison
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This is why the camera angles were all super-awkward.

No comic Saturday, as usual. I only have two pieces of fanart for the end of the month, so it'd be nice to have a few more!
User comments:
Ah, the camera angles makes sense now.

I'd do more stuff for you, but I ran out of ideas. Sorry. :(
Emphasis suggesting she knew someone would be stopping him, but not exactly whom. Interesting.
Is there a cutoff date for filler and where should it be submitted?
Oh and comicfury has an internal messaging system too.
Is that Jax? What's he doing here?
This is one of the strangest sci-fi stories I've ever seen. Bravo, glad I found it.

At least we've got an explanation as to why they can smoke constantly and not all just die.
Rather the opposite. They're built to go into stasis if their job is done, so the cigs fake their body into thinking it's still polluted.
Sneaky Poison Monkeys. :)

Edit :
Makes me think that Poison Monkeys might be closer in genetics to the Salu-Salu than to the rest ?
That depends on how they are engineered to work.

It would however seem that the ancients engineered a whole slew of races to basically do their work for them, especially with regard to effectively terraforming atmospheres.

I'd be surprised if they didn't eventually try to remove their stasis commands though, that seems like a control that none of them would want.
Oh, basically, originally they were bioroids made for cleaning, of all things. Which would explain why they nuked their planet a few times. A planetary-scale fooling their bodies. And also explains the 'cleaning' metaphors last page. It... wasn't very clear there, really.

So Iri is basically Wall-E.