Comic 414 - Cleaning
11th Dec 2013, 11:14 PM in Poison
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Author Notes:
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The camera's spinning like crazy... I tried to keep the background simple to make it trackable, but I think it just made it worse.
User comments:
I think Im a bit lost here...I understand the preserve and keeper bit.... but something is missing.
I'm not sure you're missing anything, unless you're picking up on what the next page is going to be about.
I'm guessing that for all his knowledge of PM's he's not prepared for the purple shaft of truth!
What's really baffling here is that the old guy took so long to realize the Poison Monkeys that were giving him so much trouble, and Iridium Lake in particular, were the same guys he knew so well.

Or that apparently he hasn't even seen a photo or footage of her, since he doesn't seem to know who exactly she is or how did she get there, or how did she get past all the psychers, and treats him just like a random intruder.
It actually almost might work better with a more detailed background, though I didn't have any trouble following it. But some sort of area rug or line on the floor to indicate orientation, maybe?