Comic 413 - Hazmat!
10th Dec 2013, 12:05 AM in Poison
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Some of you more or less predicted this. :)
User comments:
So there's more to it
Than centuries of
Bad planetary politics...
Well, how else is a poison monkey supposed to get rid of his overlords, than to nuke his own planet ?

Offcourse, it helps that the PM's can survive it themselves. :)
this guy seems to have his sex cords inserted, will iri at least let him finish?
I'm just going to go ahead and assume you don't mean me <.<

Looks like another exciting week for Space Pulp!
Oh me, oh my, a wild plot appeared ! :D

Let me guess, Preserve #9 was labelled "Garden of Eden" and it had an apple tree ?
Between finals and Wonderful 101 I almost forgot there's webcomics. Still following ya.
Preserves were maybe some of the last places the Ancients lived and... did their stuff? And either grandpa created the bioroids or some other ancient did, and WHOOPS, they can't be controlled?

I'm guessing Ayata's planet is another preserve, where instead the Ancients left some descendants who like... inbred or something.
These are not the droids you're looking for!

*waves hand*
i have NO idea what's been going on the last few pages. guess i should read comments more often.
In short, Iri is confronting the Slavemaster who's mentally controlling people in Unity.

He's the bad guy ... we think.

... maybe.
... maybe.

Unless the poison monkeys are the bad guys.
Iri *did* just use the "we're not so different" line, which is usually a symptom of bad-guy-ishness. :P
Kain Yusanagi
Muahahahahaha! I thought so! There were just too many hints for them to be natural. :) Well done though, View. (Also it's been forever and a day since I commented last, so, boo! Furthermore, do you have a Paypal or something I can send a donation to, View?)
Right? It makes me want View's address so I can just send cash stuffed envelopes, cause really, who pays taxes on those? <.<