Comic 410 - PSSSHHHT
5th Dec 2013, 11:48 PM in Poison
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As usual for the week: I could use some filler for Christmas week. Gosh I hope nobody's getting sick of hearing that.
User comments:
Dang, Ayata had the most boring markings of the lot, didn't she? I feel kind of cheated. :<
The markings denote their role in their society. The more complex, the more explanation their role requires.
"She Who Must be Obeyed Due to Cute" is a role?
I guess Ayata has a role that has a very wide recognition, like 'overmind', or 'champion', or 'great mother' seeing that even children seem to have extremely complex ones.
I think "She who is cute" doesn't take much explaining.

Or maybe, it simply says "hero".
When will we find out what Ayata decided on for the name of their race?
Though that's apparentlythe technical name, not the chosen name. so never mind.
Indeed, one would expect they left someone behind with the ship to guard it?

On a sidenote : Why did Jagi take off his gloves?
If he's performing some form of tech mumbo jumbo on his end, methinks he took off his gloves so he could be more precise. Hope he doesn't mind getting cold, though!
Did Iri foresee this and is planning on hijacking a station?

Find out next week!
Methinks she would have considered how to transport a hundred Mini Giraffes away from the station.