Comic 41 - Swamp
30th Aug 2012, 12:21 AM in Jungle
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I only had time to draw one panel today.
User comments:
Breathtaking scenery...except for the litterbug.

It's THEIR fault for not putting a trashcan nearby when they zoned the endless swamp!
Satisfyingly Dramatic!*

The swamp grass is almost three dimensional. Quite elegant actually.

*(And not the Yellow Brick Road either!)
Wow. That's purdy. Color, shading, light. And I like the single panel. This is a great piece. And Ayata is a beanstalk!
She's walking on her toes. She might well have hollow bones too.
It's her looking up. It amplified it because now her head is narrow. Just a "whoa" moment for me.
Really enjoy the body diffrences and the jungle is awesome !
Oooooo... Very Pretty!
Would it be possible to get an original sized version in the extras page for a background?

I love the grass and the lighting in this. But I am curious why the beam of light is interacting with Ayata and Jagi differently. Is that due to the properties of Jagis unusual skin?
I REAAAAAALLLLY don't think you understand how I made this page. I've uploaded it to the extras page at full size so that you can recoil in horror.

Anyway, the theory was simply that Jagi is walking in front of Ayata. But, sure, Jagi's magic skin is the cause as of now.
You are too hard on yourself. That, or artists are never able to appreciate their own work. In either case it still boils down to me really liking the page. It will be replacing my current desktop, which is the last panel I asked for the same treatment of, and which you said nearly the same thing about.
Any artist that appreciates their own work will be destroyed by anyone who doesn't appreciate it.

Which is, evidently, almost exactly 33% of the voters on Reddit and 4chan.
Eh, I get where you are coming from. And those same feelings I suppose are part of the driving force to constantly improve ones art. But at the same time, if you can manage to get 1/3 of the trolling anonymous hordes of 4chan and reddit to like your stuff, that has got to be worth at LEAST a 75% approval rating in the real world.

Although personally, I just choose to forget those sites even exist, and never put my art on them, or look for my art on them :)
I certainly don't post my art there. But it gets posted to those sites every few months by some well-wishing pirate.

I have orders of magnitudes more views on Reddit and 4chan than on my legitimate sites. But that's fine: I don't really want to deal with that audience. People who don't like the comics won't bother to track down my real site, and will just bitch on Reddit or 4chan instead.
Jagi's lack of shadow in the fog?

BTW, how are you coloring this? By hand or in the computer? It looks a lot like a very detailed watercolor.

This is the second page that you have surprised me by the coloring and artwork.

P... paaaayyyyper? What is... lemme look it up.


"Pressed wood pulp"? Why would you... I don't understand this crazy world you live in!
My feeling was the beam of light was breaking on Aya cause she's far enough back she interrupts the entire cone while Jagi is only dipping into the front of it leaving the beam intact behind him.

iono though, I'm no lighting guru...

The image does have a strangely 3d feel to me. I don't know why but it really feels like it pops out.
Wonderful. This panel is great for pacing, too -- it's a great break from the laser-zappin' action. Very pretty.