Comic 408 - Heya!
3rd Dec 2013, 11:08 PM in Poison
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Just to be put on repeat: I'll need at least a week of filler for late this month. Fanart, fan comics, whatever.

Otherwise it'll just be scans of my lonely teardrops!

... or me doing practice sketches of hands or something.
User comments:
In case anyone's confused by the 'invisible' comment, he means 'invisible to telepathy/empathy'.
Hmmm! He doesn't appeared to be too worried. Bad vibe.

How about feet? Need I say more? LOL
"You would challenge me? I have the powers of a goddess!"

Probability shadows obscure both ways I imagine, let's see how this pans out.
Same. I'm decent at a great many things, but art is not one of them. Unless it's armor/weapons.
On a good day I can almost pull off a stick figure. But I don't mind waiting through a content-free holiday season. :)

That last panel came out looking awesome, by the way.