Comic 405 - My Hand is Opaque
29th Nov 2013, 11:42 PM in Poison
My Hand is Opaque
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Iri looks like she is having fun.
Well, good thing she isn't violating the hunter-code by using grenades.
It's not against the code to USE them, it's just against the code to actually HURT anyone with them.
A two-fer!
1) It's not Iri using the grenades, so it doesn't count.
2) Dragon-King can't see what he's shooting so there's no intent for the Hunters to use to see it coming. :)
/crackpot theory

"Shoot right", she says, knowing he will shoot left.
He shoot's left, forgetting Iri told him to shoot right.
Since he shoots without having aggressive intent, the hunter cannot foresee it.

No amount of telepathy or microphones could have allowed the Slavemaster to pick up on that.

Sneaky Iri is sneaky. :)

/end crackpot theory

Next up : View steals my idea and says "yes" >_<
My thought was simply that Dragon King tends to mix up left & right, and Iri is using it to her advantage.

It's the equivalent of flailing blindly, which was how he hit her during sparring.
Hmm... was it the bit about having intend to cause harm ?
I foreshaded it a lot. You've already mentioned some of them.
I am not good at remembering foreshaded things or complicated stuff in general! :D But now that I'm reminded of the "intent to harm" bit, this makes a lot of sense. :)
The whole "Hunters can't predict accidental stuff" was foreshadowed a bunch, but the left-right thing was a mistake, right?
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