Comic 403 - Welcome!
26th Nov 2013, 11:26 PM in Poison
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It's quite cold.
User comments:
Cats are indeed well known for their heat seeking abilities.
My heater decided that it was time for it to take a vacation, so I know how you feel. Also, is the Glorious Leader plugged into the central mainframe or something?
Or some kind of amp to extend the range of his mind control.
Well, since he controls them trough their cybernetics, one would assume some interface between Glorious Leader / his machines.

On a sidenote :
He looks much better in todays comic, than in yesterdays comic. :)
Also, he seems to be wonderfully quirky in an almost jolly grandfatherly way ... except that he's probably a psychotic mass murderer.
But that's just the average gramp's for you. you could say it's the intergalactic variant of an old geezer with his sawn off shotgun "defending" his front lawn from the rabble of youth.
Well, honestly, even as a floating skull he was pretty jolly.
Ah, so "they haven't changed the picture" meant between "glorious leader before" and "glorious leader after", not "previous glorious leader" as I first thought...
Well, that's probably why they haven't updated the picture.
Is that some kind of splitter coming out of his neck?
Nice catch. It could make sense if it's something engineered species might have in common, or at least, that a subset of them might have in common.

Also kinda surprised nobody else is commenting on Ayata's revelation.
Ooh, maybe that's how Iri defeats Unity's glorious leader without also having to fight her way through all the ex-hunters on the station.

She pulls a trojan horse -- surrendering herself so that she get's hooked up -- then mindfucks the glorious leader. A true Poison Monkey style victory!

It would also explain why she was disinterested in the grenades. Not much use for them in her plan and potentially harmful if she intends to save the ex-hunters.
Well, to be fair, she has been known to be quite sneaky at times.
yeah, but she tends toward cunning sneaky, not cleaver sneaky.
maybe peoples already see that, but he hid his neck
So many questions here:

the leader looks suspicius like Ayata's people, besides the shorter, thicker neck. And her comment also fits.

The cables look like PM links (I asume they are normaly a PM thing, cant remember anybody else using them)

And what is the civilisation level of Ayata's people again?