Comic 401 - Shadows
23rd Nov 2013, 12:08 AM in Poison
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Experimenting with shadows, eh ?

The ones on the floor and the walls came out real nice. whereas the ones on people seems to be a bit more hit'n'miss, Ayata, news guy and whalelady all came out fairly nicely, Riot is pretty nice too - But Iri seems to be missing indirect lighting, which means there's no defined core shadow, here's an example.


And there's some examples with simple shapes here

Still, the page is still pretty good overall, especially digging the ambience in the first panel. :)
The problem is that I completely changed the lighting halfway through...
Yeah, that'll mess things up.
Ah well, that's what this comic is for though - experiments! :)
Somehow I really like how Iri looks in this page. Maybe it's because she looks like a nutjob in panel 3, and she's got a nice pose/expression in panel 1.