Comic 40 - And we wear shoes
28th Aug 2012, 10:23 PM in Jungle
And we wear shoes
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Experimenting with really aggressive coloration.
User comments:
It looks clear and coherent to me. How do you feel you're succeeding?
Why am I not surprised that Jagi has practical footwear for the situation!
Ayata seems right at home.
I think its really good - getting better all the time :D
Good song, but not fully appropriate to the situation now I think about it.

Never mind!
I am on a different computer at the moment, so I can not be 100% sure. But the colouring looks great to me. I also like the added touch of the bottom panel filling the whole page, and the top 3 panels layered over top of it.

The muck looks especially nice/nasty.
I suspect you might be planing on working on it for a few pages...
I don't know if I'll be planing it. Lumpy mud is generally okay.
For clarity, I meant you did a very nice job of depicting nasty looking mud. The mild rainbow of colours give it a wonderfully evil oily/slimy appearance and the consistency, and sound effects bear that out into a horrible bootsnatching squelching mess. I almost hate to say it of something as mundane as mud, but I think it is one of my favorite colouring jobs of yours so far.
It just occurred to me that today's page is the first time Ayata has been seen wearing her hammer-pants since Comic 28.
A fashion statement for certain. She has charming legs too!
Hi View!

I've been following your comics for a little while now, and I'm a big fan of your imagination. Just thought I'd introduce myself here. Looking forward to wherever you're taking this story!
I'm taking it nowhere! But quickly, and in a big ball of explosives!
I think the new coloring looks great.
Warning: today's comic will be very late, if it shows up at all. Yay infrastructure that hasn't been updated since 1915!
That's my electrical grid right there. From an old (but awesome) dam to an old (but awesome) powerhouse into old (and not awesome) wiring on two or so fuses house.