Comic 399 - 37-C
19th Nov 2013, 11:18 PM in Poison
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User comments:
I like the two of them on the floor. Reeeeally small. Also when they came in after the doors started opening.
Also noticed they came in trough the door in second panel. Kinda makes sense to have some troops in ASAP to secure the landing area. :)

Not only that, Iri slashed off her ruined sleeve and lit up a white-stix as well.

I am wondering what the 37-c might be a reference to though.
It looks like the docking bay number.

I am more wondering if those are the kind of armored doors that will still stand when the sourounding wall (here ship hull) is gone. They are thick oO
Pickup line: Hey girl are you single? Because I want to covertly teleport into your docking area