Comic 398 - Poof
19th Nov 2013, 12:37 AM in Poison
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I had fun with this page.
User comments:
So it's a two way street? She can warp swordy sword to herself and vice versa, but at a shorter range I presume.
Well, at least she kept most of her clothes this time. :)
Well, apparently hunters do have some spacetime manipulation to some extent as they can all use the blades, but is teleporting rather unique, or somewhat common?
Oh, what happened to her arm there?
She didn't manage to teleport the entire suit in there, you'll notice a few small pieces of it is still floating in space, hence the wardrobe malfunction.
Apparently the energy needs careful redistribution.
Or is the ambient temperature on board
very high?
Which is why space suits keep the wearer both cool and warm in space!