Comic 397 - Spacewalk
17th Nov 2013, 9:12 PM in Poison
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Probably makes a really neat universal lock pick too.
Is it just me or does Iri wear only a face mask? her hair is floating in space. hm, thinking back, she was also going into the high grav environment with only her hunter garb.
Poison monkeys are pretty much immune to low pressure, high gravity, radiation, etc. They just have to protect their fragile membranes.
I was fooled by the suits for the bodyguards :-)
How 'general knowledge' is this? Is it more like their immunity to wide-spectrum neuro-toxins or is it reasonably documented by other species?
They don't talk about it with other species, because it sort of gives them away.

That said, all the species are more durable than humans. We're evolved for a specific environment, which isn't very useful when we go to space.
and for temperature in space? are poison monkey resistant to extreme cold, or extreme heat (depend if they face the void or a star)
Eh, the space is pretty much void with about 0 pressure. A cold atmosphere makes you cold, but no atmosphere at all doesn't, except from your latent surface gas rapidly losing temperature and going solid. If Poison Monkeys can survive in space, their skin must be water/airproof like a spacesuit. And I'm guessing that unless you're pretty close to a star, the heat from irradiation isn't so bad, or the ISS and other satellites outside our atmosphere would rapidly burn up.

The thing is, in the void most of the processes associated with cold and heat, at least regarding humans, don't really happen.
Well, there's a lot of problems with being in space for longer than a few minutes. Heat is one: if you're in the sunlight, you'll heat up quite hot.