Comic 396 - Let's Go!
15th Nov 2013, 11:46 PM in Poison
Let's Go!
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Let's start the final fight!
User comments:
Even though most of them are basically blue, they have fairly distinct profiles and colors.
Dragon King was has been promoted to "Cannon Fodder".
Rythm Riot has been demoted to "Survivor".
An angry Rythm Riot stomps out the door.

Iri smiles.
I think Ms. Lake will once again
Soon find that delicious razor's edge
Of uncertainty that she so savors.
Straightforward ?
No, probably not.

I was merely pointing out the odd dichotomy in PM culture, where being the cannon fodder is seen to be a good thing - ie. "blood is the only *true* currency of trust.".

Offcourse, it may be that Team Rescue will also have to bleed a little for the cause.
That might improve Rythm Riot's mood a bit. :)
Ah, I did actually make a spelling error, but I thought I had corrected it before anyone saw it - But you caught me out - BAD CAT ! >_<
Ugh, it sucks to have a good working theory on how some stuff is going to turn out but not really wanting to say it in the comments in case it turns out to be true and spoils the fun for others.

I'll just honestly say "called it" when the moment comes, if it comes.
Oooohh nooo .... you don't get to do that.

We'll have all your crackpot theories out in the open or they don't count!
Sheela's right, them's the rules.

Besides, the comments are expected to be home to potentially spoileriffic speculation. Lay it all out elfolampo.
In the third panel, Riot putting on her helmet doubles as "Riot holds her head at how FUBAR the situation is now." I can imagine her gritting her teeth inside that helmet.

Dunno if it was intended, but I love it.