Comic 393 - Flying Index
12th Nov 2013, 12:06 AM in Poison
Flying Index
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Ah, Ayata. Are you maybe just a little angry at the target?
User comments:
I'm loving how Ayata's acting in these last few pages. Just hope it doesn't turn tragic.
Shit. I feel that since it has been said, now. . . it'll happen. D:
Seems that whatever that rear admiral told her between comics, fired her up.

That said - Imagine how dangerous she could be if she really let loose and turned an entire planet into zombie esque monster armies ?
Scary Ayata is scary!
Wow. Ayata's undergone some major changes, hasn't she? Our little girl's all grown up. :')
It's the power of Sideboob that makes her so reckless!
Team murder is an excellent Ayata-ism ;)

View is my favorite view ever.