Comic 392 - It's Not A Waltz
10th Nov 2013, 10:50 PM in Poison
It's Not A Waltz
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Maaaaaaaan, I drew this page twice and it still ended up looking shitty. Here's a cool distraction made by Bellar:

User comments:
Do you just look through the internet for random obsure references in your spare time and link them whenever apropriate?

Though this one wasn't that obscure, so I knew what to look for.
I'm reading her face in panel four as saying "and, comical as that is, it shouldn't have to be."
It's probably the only spacefaring capable culture that still listens to swedish bubblegum pop music. :)

They're also the only ones to start a war by listening to Dancing Queen for 5 hours non-stop to get their aggression levels up.
I think she looks cute in the 3rd panel.
3rd panel looks like something that would come out of Sandra & Woo, or maybe Gaia webcomic.
As long as you don't do it with a sledgehammer, I think you'll survive. :D
Still loving Iri, shes my favorite character out of all your works.
She's not a complicated character, she's just an unusual one.
I'm guessing random mines are easy since it means no psycher is controlling them, and I guess 'being hit by a mine and blowing up' has a pretty deep impact on the person, and as such is easy to see for a psycher.
Even if the mines are randomly placed in orbit, they're all going to be linked spatially to one another to prevent collisions between them. So that random aspect of theirs only really means their pattern changes periodically so as to be unpredictable -- unless you can see into the future and tell what the pattern is next.