Comic 390 - Neck
7th Nov 2013, 1:28 AM in Poison
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Pretty busy week.
User comments:
A port for the FEELS !

.. such as the "I don't wanna die" feels.
Hey, I guess PM's actually DO cover their necks in mixed company. Interesting.
I don't think it is a PM thing, so much as the fact of what she did to her Ports on the back of her neck.
AFAIK it is canon that PM's cover up their ports when around people they don't know / not of their own species.
Well, they are an engineered species.
All I can say to Iri is DOOO EEEET !!

The slavemaster made a mockery of the Hunters, it's only fair that a Hunter makes a mockery of the Slavemaster - Even if she has to cheat a little and use grenades.
You know, those ports do put a new yet similar spin to the phrase "necking".