Comic 39 - Fog and smoke
27th Aug 2012, 9:13 PM in Jungle
Fog and smoke
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Hello, ship! You're looking quite phallic today!

Is crashing into the planet a hidden euphemism?

The coloring and lighting is really nice on today's page.
Every spaceship is phallic. Physics is pretty limiting is plan to ever go into atmosphere or debris.
Pretty true. Flatness or pointedness occasionally counteract it.
Nooooo! one of them might have been a relative of mine! You monster! *sniff* a moment of silence for the recently retired reptiles.

But yes, I like the colouring on todays page. It is very cohesive. The texturing, colouring, and lighting ties everything together nicely. and the mist/steam/smoke adds a nice bit of atmosphere. So while it may have been "HARD TO DRAW" I would say the effort was worth it.

I am looking forward to this planet.
RE: HARD TO DRAW; You did set out to challenge yourself, and you are succeeding too!
Thank you very much!
Funny how aliens can evolve to look a lot like earth species of water predators, in this case an alligator. Or maybe i'm just looking at this wrong and it's some kind of dino/croc thing. Nice mist effects today, but um the uh "lily pads" being a single color seems to stand out rather a lot imo, yes i'm being a harassment but compared to the shading and other art... sorry if i'm annoying here i just like detail.
edit* ignore the last part i'm just being stupid.
The problem is that I really want to do simple colors, so I keep trying to use flats and lesser gradients whenever I think of it. It doesn't usually work.
You're so hard on yourself view. If we're crazy because we enjoy your work then....well being crazy is worth it because it's pretty fun. More fun than I originally thought it was. And I thought it was pretty damn fun! As long as you stick to the nonviolent sector..