Comic 389 - Dark
5th Nov 2013, 12:07 AM in Poison
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User comments:
Wait, darkness? That either means A) death, or B) blindness. ...Maybe.
Considering that all other interactions with other people have a color, the absense .. or darkness .. must mean no interactions at all, and the most likely reason for that would be death.
Is it just me, or has Iri's skin gotten a lot darker since the beginning?
This is the shade she was supposed to be, but it's a bit dark, I guess.
Honest to Primus I was gonna bring that up but was too lazy to do it. I figured she was secretly dying or something along those lines.
Hey View, I've really enjoyed watching the evolution of your art. You have been developing at an alarming rate!
I suspect he's talking about The Awesomeness Gap that many artists experience when they look at their own art.

Usually it goes the other way round though, where we regular mortals try to learn something like

... say ...

Playing a solo on a bass and then some redicilously talented bastard goes and plays an even better solo : one handed.
Totally unfair! How are we supposed to match that ?