Comic 386 - Sulky
30th Oct 2013, 11:11 PM in Poison
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I bet there was a chain of command, but I doubt Iri has any sway with that person.
And so lay their leader in a bed of silk, sightless, unhearing, unspeaking. The crew was silent as the casket was closed, and draped with a grey shroud. The crew remained silent as the wooden box with its morbid cargo was tipped, gracelessly, over the stern. A splash, the final, resolute conformation of his passing was heard by all. The crew remained silent. But the sails creaked and the rigging strained, as the ship herself continued. The world had not ended with his passing. Just stopped momentarily.
The crew, like the ship, moved on.
And the captain, finally, was at peace.

Just little excerpt from a short story I'm working on, thought it fit nicely here.
Nice sentiment, but unfortunately pirates aren't known for moving on.
My pirates did - its either move on or sink at this point. Theres a reason the captains dead, but he put up a hell of a fight.
Funny you should mention sinking or swimming, since it has a very different meaning to spacers.
Well, if your captain mess up, he'll just have to pull himself together and get back on his job!
More like an unwilling ally.
For a second, I was trying to figure out whose GIANT HAND was on her shoulder...then I realized it was actually hers in the foreground.

Thought I missed something there.