Comic 385 - Interview Time
29th Oct 2013, 10:43 PM in Poison
Interview Time
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Hm. Trying some new techniques.
User comments:
Take her offer! Take her offer!
Whoa. Who beat kellem up?
Just finished reading the entire story for the fourth or fifth time now. Gets better every time, and I look at it differently because of facts I've learned... FROM THE FUTURE. I feel like Iri. Only not as awesome.
If this comic is just practice, then the real deal is gonna be awesome.
This comic is what it is. The practice is to improve my skills.
I think it's more a case of "who didn't?"

He's probably been around to all the meat balls and asked for interviews. And Jagi. And Riot. And the PM marines too.

Maybe even Daisy, though I doubt she'd have harmed him, or there'd be nothing left of him.

I wonder what made him change tactics though ?
I really like the colors on this page for some reason. Lately everything's just been kind of washed out and faded, I guess...? This one just seems so colorful and vivid.
Well, I was trying to make the prison scene washed out and sterile. Iri's in the bar.
The "porny" pages earlier in this chapter had pretty good saturation and depth to the colors I'd say.
He hasn't been quite the same since he got hit by a flying tire while filming the red ripper rampage.
Ah, so that's what happened.
A boot tire to the head.
I used to be a normal journalist, then I took a tire to the knee.
You've been mentioned on 4chan. You're well liked there. That would explain you're sudden influx of visitors.

And someone should be careful in what they're quoting, you just might get zombies in space. And that could get you DEAD in SPACE!

And Iri is gonna die in the end.
Pretty sure I ran across cheer years ago on /b/, but yes. The turn-over's so fast over there each time it's brought up I'm sure it creates a new influx.
Well, we've already got the weird poison drug!

Anyway, I don't get much of a numeric influx ever. I get a few talkative commenters, but the unique visitors never spike by more than about 30.
Well, I suspect both types are welcome by any standard. :)
Never tell a cute girl to get dressed. And never ever refuse if one tells you to get undressed.
Kellem's face in the last panel reminds me of Limongrab, which I find NON-UNACCEPTABLE!
She looks plenty dressed to me... Well for Iri, that is. ;j
Experiment with changing line widths?