Comic 381 - Rock Star Bitch
23rd Oct 2013, 11:07 PM in Poison
Rock Star Bitch
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I thought about rewriting this page to be less porny, because it's basically porn. But as odd as it sounds, it's kinda important character development.

I imagine if I look back on this in ten years, I'll shake my head and sigh. "Couldn't I have made their sexy sex sex less porny?" I'll ask myself.

Anyway, no more porny bits, unless you count random underdressed spacers.
User comments:
I used to wonder what porny could be
Fare thee well, porny bits.

You added some extra spice to a story that needed none, you titillated us with sexy people doing sexy things, and caused many a man and woman a trifling inconvenience in the pants area.

You...shall be missed.

Good bye, porny bits.
Nothing wrong with the porny... Millions of people are doing this *righ now*. Bless 'em.
You so made the "porny bits" so intrinsic to the character's backgrounds and concepts that without them, it would be like a '90s sitcom without the stupid catch-phrases or an '80s action movie without the cheesy one-liners. You painted yourself into a porny corner. ;)
Well, the good thing is, it worked out in the comic's favor. :)
Well, this is the most porny, mainly due to content. A lot of the other stuff was more softcore while this pushes it just a bit.

Anyways, feel like there is a kind of line, not a fine one but still jumping distance, between artistic nudity and porn. The closer to the line that artistic nudity gets, the less mean and/or propose it serves to show. The opposite can be true with porn, where you have the people involve talk about stuff that relates to the plot or helps to develop the characters, then it adds something. Could probably go one, but to the point, yes you have done some porny stuff, but a lot of it adds a bit to the story while still giving a bit of a brain rise.
If it fits the story it is just nakedness, not porniness. :)
You know, I actually wonder if the Poison Monkeys weren't the answer to Ayata's species, or the ancients.

In the sense of "Hey, there's a species controlling minds, what do we do?" "Let's engineer a species resistant to mind control!" "BRILLIANT, have unlimited funds and a planet to breed it." or something.

When you can control everyone,else the only ones you can really trust are the ones you can't control.

On a sidenote : I wonder who the prisoner is ?
On the other side of that side note;
Patrick McGoohan?
Are they anywhere near Ruritania?
You have unlocked "HOLY S#*@ TRIPLE FISTBUMP"