Comic 380 - Quest for Love
23rd Oct 2013, 12:16 AM in Poison
Quest for Love
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Author Notes:
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This ended up being a pretty porny page, but tomorrow's page is even worse. ... yay?...

When I script the porny parts, I always underestimate just how porny they'll look on the page.
User comments:
Distract us with profound dialog?
[Today is a good start!]
Your avatar has never been more appropriate.
Yup, PM's are a modified species. Cool.
More like created from scratch, hence the like of Ancient genes.
Well, we don't know yet, if PMs are engineered or not, or even direct ascendants of the Ancients themselves (humans?), much like the Mini Giraffe's.

I suspect that it's part of Views story though, and I'm looking forward to seeing what he's going to do with it. :)
Why did I type "like"? I meant "lack".
Well, they've got to be doing something while they deliver plot exposition, and the dramatic/brooding exposition delivery tends to get done a lot.
I agree, it is good.

Betcha View enjoyed shading / coloring Riot in that panel too. :)