Comic 38 - Engine Down
26th Aug 2012, 6:51 PM in Jungle
Engine Down
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Sigh... I'm bad at space.
User comments:
Kissing his shoulder like that is more like kissing a dinner plate...
Poor, poor Jagi having to deal with crazy lady. Also don't feel bad it's supposed to be supposed to be soft sci right?
It's space opera, but I still need to learn to do the space part, obvs.
To be fair... nobody is very good at space... for the simple fact that to do it with any realism makes it utterly boring to look at. So people basically just make it look the way they'd like it to and call it good enough :P

What about your space is bothering you?
I think there's also the fact that not many people really have first hand experience with space.
Does Genehaven honor it's "bloody past" enough to have self-defense forces?
Do they take exception to all this pirate activity in their upper atmosphere over their capitol?
Alas, Genehaven's bloody past has resulted in disarmament.
Undead H3r3tic
As a fighter pilot for 15 years, I can concur that "wibble wobble" is a highly effective tactical maneuver.
Tsk tsk. Why does Jagi even bother with her? He could her.
Seriously though, is jagi using some kind of light arresting cloak or is he naturally colored pitch black?
Hey view, definitely a change from Gap. Wouldn't even believe the same author :) Still on the fence on this one, but leaning toward "great story".
Looking forward to more...