Comic 379 - Risks
21st Oct 2013, 11:03 PM in Poison
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Whilst under the influence of radioerotic WhiteStixs too!
I mean, I know she's freaking out and all but, come on, they're kind of busy right now Ayata.
I was re-reading SP, and here are a few moments where Ayata was (presumably) using her power over non-PM's: (note that some of these might be my misunderstanding, and sorry for the length)

When 'natives' are assigned to the rescue team, despite the fact that that was against the Unity soldier's orders.

When Ayata is so much more comfortable with Jagi than Iri (because she can push him around).

When she (super-quickly) gets refugees to form a line for supplies.

When she convinces the smuggler to help them get off-planet.

When she comments that she prefers to negotiate face-to-face (so she can unconsciously use her powers)

When she convinces the trunk-psycer to drop his 'gub' (and then leave it behind when she tells him to go).

When she says to Riot that she could have 'reasoned' with the assassin, and calls Riot 'unreasonable.' (unpliant?)

When Shark points Ayata out as being the psycerish thing, (even though iri says she has a clear future.)

(Important to note that Pinkie is unaffected by the Nerutoxin on ~165, just like PM's are unaffected by Ayata's empath-y. Possibly related causes?)

When she says that PM's are scary on 174, (again because they aren't 'reasonable').

Possibly when trunk psycer is undetected by Kax (because he's under her control?)

When Iri implies that she knows pinky was hit and knows why he was unaffected (probably for the same reason that PM's are immune to mind control.) My bet is that PM's aren't descended from ancients, but I'm not convinced.

When she dissuades the guy from shooting Iri, even though Iri got a bulletproof coat (probably anticipating getting shot), (possibly because Iri can't properly predict the influence of Ayata's empathy)?

When she instantly finds the Jagina cosplayer stowing away, but misses Shark. (because her powers only affect non-PM's, remember when Pinky snuck up on her?)

When she convinces Strakh to attack Ordous. Maybe also when she talks to Daisy? Unsure.

And of course when she knocks out all the soldiers. Again, sorry if this is waaay too long for the comments section, and if I missed anything, please add it.
Well, remember, PMs aren't just another species. They're a blight!
Only one I'd add off the top of my head is her use of the term or phrase "Unreasonable species" when referring to Daisy (and protectors of civilization) explicitly, and the PMs more implicitly.
The implication is there, elfolampo, that PM's aren't related to other species, but they ARE on the family tree of species.

Good one, spacemonkey, it ties in to the sort of twisted use of 'reason' and 'reasonable' by Ayata.
They might be on the tree because every other species is, every other species assumes that other species come from the same ancestors since that's the case with 99% of them, and by this point, they're more or less assuming that any new species that pops up is. They probably went 'eh, they look similar to species X and Y, they must be on the same branch'.
I'm not ready to buy the idea of them not being on the same tree at all. My primary reason for this is View has always stuck to pretty solid sciency stuff when it's part of his worlds and has used the shared common ancestor aspect of the story to give us very good reason for a "star-trek alien" universe where aliens all get to hang out in roughly similar biospheres.

I wonder if the PMs aren't hiding that they're an engineered species for exactly the reason brought up here.

It's just.... if they weren't related to the other species at all there's good arguments to be made for them not even using DNA or whatever chemical encoding other species genetic information is carried in and a biology that fundamentally different seems like it would be hard to miss.
Hmmm, I wonder how many permanently isolated species there are.

I wonder how well debris fields work to block the passage of those with future sight.

What degree of genetic engineering warrants isolation?
The debris fields probably work pretty good as long as
1 ) nobody really WANTS to get out
2 ) nobody who is out tries to disturb them, making them want to get out.

I think you're seriously underestimating how deadly debris fields are.
If they can see the future?

Debris fields cannot possibly be infinite

I suspect that the only reliable way to pass a debris field is by removing or gathering a good portion of it.

Point 2 is probably much more important because if the losses of small vessels is near 100% space programs would be abandoned as suicide.
Hey, Iri, what about Next and Shark? Remember them?

Iri and Shark have enough relationship trouble already without Iri straying.
Well, Shark may be thoroughly infatuated, but Poison Monkeys seem pretty relaxed about sexual relations of this variety. It's not serious sexing unless the splitter comes into play.
I don't think Next is at all worried about Iri straying from him, he'd probably just consider it a kinky sidejump, and ask if they could make it a threesome.

Shark on the other hand, I could totally envision her being jealous.
Also, my bet is that Iri and Riot, in the last panel, are debating revealing the poison monkey secret. Might also be why Iri mentioned 'engineered species', she MIGHT be talking about the PM's and not Ayata's species.
I think this is the first time I've encountered the idea of an alien race that (a) can control minds, (b) doesn't know it, and (c) feels guilty about it when they find out.

Neat. :)