Comic 378 - Smoke
20th Oct 2013, 9:09 PM in Poison
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User comments:
Holy crap, Ayata is so excited that her comb is flailing around !

Oh, and yay ... nudity. :)
Zero Gee
And Nudity!

[And, apparently,
Special WhiteStixs
With radioerotic isotopes!]
Yeah, she makes smoking seem sexy.
Also, it looks like Riot has decided to go down on Iri.
It is genuinely distressing to think that you can't make friends with people because they have no free will around you.

Also probably distressing to think that you've gotten people killed through your actions. The closest we'll come is buying a wedding ring and finding out that people were enslaved to mine or pan for the diamonds adorning it, making you a slaver by proxy.
Those foot hold things are really cool, it makes so much sense!
So, just came back after a few weeks on vacation, missed more than a few pages. . .

Upon reading them, all I can muster is "huhwhuh."
Neat! Jedi mind trick-ish power that works on. . . what seems like a vast majority of people!
And here we thought Runesavaan was poisonous like a snake, turned out he uses mind-poison instead!

Also, Ayata has a split personality and is totally the Slavemaster. XD
Worse, it is a WHOLE PLANET of people who don't know their own power!!!

I think Ayata's whole race will be quarantined like Alice's race is vilified.
Wow, just occurred to me. Ayata was able to knock out all those soldiers, then calm Strakh, rest his teethie soul, and then how Iri made her meet with Strakh, and then...
Well to the point, exactly how much was all of this, from first chapter to the last, was Ayata's influence and then how long was Iri knew about it? Going to have to reread the comic once we're finish, but definitely going to be interesting rereading this after knowing all of this and more.
Yeah, I feel the same way. I'm hoping for more exposition first in the coming pages, but a re-reading will definitely be called for. :P Yay!
This page certainly gives me a little plot whiplash -- mostly my own fault for trying to guess what was coming.

So it looks like Ayata is still an innocent of sorts.
Well, to be fair Bellar, you were one of the first to touch base on the Telepathy vs. Psycher ability idea.

Methinks you get to have less plot whiplash than the rest of us. :)
Iri already said that she knew something was up, as she could read that Ayata, while not possessing psycher powers, had a very deep influence on other people's actions. She explicitly said this to Ayata, actually.

I'm still not 100% sure if this scene is a flashback, then again, it has no singing in the background.
The color is awesome in this panel! Great job Fair (and with the whole comic too)!